Monday, March 10, 2014

Hockey Night In Canada featuring George and Don

Rogers first major decision as NHL partner has included the hiring/promotion of George "how the hell do you pronounce his last name" stroumboulopoulous (thats a mouthful). Anyone know anything about this guy? What i know is he has a talk show or something, he's a huge Canadiens fan (just our luck) and he had a failed show on CNN for a few months. 

He will be partnered up with Don Cherry. This should be fun. Apparently he's like Cherry himself and won't stand pat like Ron Maclean. 

Whats the vibe I'm getting from this? Its Rogers strategic way to get rid of our beloved Don. Paired together, they are hoping for a fallout between them so they can have an excuse to fire cherry. 

I don't know about you wonderful people, but hockey night in canada is and will always be Don Cherry and ron maclean you just can't replace them. I guess time will tell

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