Monday, October 29, 2012


NWHL--> National Womens Hockey League. Lets face it, women unjustly, are not given the same opportunities as men, especially when it comes to sports. Name me one female GM or manager in the 4 major North American Sports. Thats what i thought. If I had it my way, there would be a replica Womens NHL as a sister league to the NHL.

They would play the games in the same arena as their Brother league.  For example you have the NHL's TML, you would have the NWHL's Toronto (something lady like). The brother league wouldnt oppose the idea, in fact they would embrace it because of a rule that the NWHL has to follow: pay your brother league a portion of your profits and in turn they will help to keep you financially afloat, sorta like revenue sharing, but with your sister.

Where would the players come from? The various female leagues around. The most intriguing thing to come out from this idea would be that the league would be female run, from top to bottom, no men allowed. The commissioner would be female, so would the coaches, trainers, even the water girls. It would give women a strong voice in sports, something thats lacking dearly.

Would it work? Ask yourself this: What happens when you have a room full of women together? All hell will break lose (jk). It could work or it could be a disaster but all I know is that it will sure as hell be fun to watch.

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