Thursday, July 5, 2012

Out of kool aid

Lets get one thing out of the way here. Im not a pessimist by any means but that being said i do believe i am a realist. How on earth are the leafs going to go anywhere next year without making a move? All the teams in the NE division have gotten bigger and stronger with the exception of the Sens and Leafs. Boston is Boston, MTL got bigger by adding prust and a couple other players,  Ottawa has skill that makes up for their size. Buffalo. Buffalo has owned us for how many years now? They are only going to play better against us now that they have added steve ott. leafs will roll out their first line and buffalo will counter with their 3rd line which includes ott. We have enough trouble scoring against miller and now it will only get harder. Frankly im sick and tired out hearing burke repeat the same BS time in and time: "we are not going to overpay" If your not going to overpay and then how in the f*** are you going get a bonafide 1st line Centre???!!?? Teams arent exactly lining up to trade these type of players to the leafs. As mentioned today on TSN 1050, Burke is like that kid that an elementary teacher temporarily leaves in charge for a couple of minutes. He tells the other kids to stop talking because its not allowed and the other kids just tell him to shut up. I dont see the leafs going anywhere this season, i predict a 14th place finish in the east. You cant get better by sitting still and waiting for the pieces to come to you. "we dont want to overpay?" Well im sure last year he grossly overpaid for Connolly (3yrs/9 mill) and the year b4 for armstrong. I hope that we dont make the playoffs one more year just so burke can lose his job and we can bring someone in here who can do a proper rebuild. Id rather wait another 5 years for a proper rebuild then pretend we are going somewhere next season. Im done sipping his kool-aid.

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